Picture of Jake DeBrusk. Will the Boston Bruins re-sign him or trade him?
The Jake DeBrusk and Boston Bruins saga has been long and complex. Will his decision to stay work out well for both parties?

Hockey fans are always on the lookout for NHL trade rumors. For fans of the Boston Bruins, much speculation has been made about the potential departure of their winger, Jake DeBrusk.

The Canadian native’s future has long been in the balance, he has signed 3 contracts worth a total value of $19,400,000 throughout the course of his tenure with the Boston Bruins. It seems as though DeBrusk wants to stay with the Bruins for the foreseeable future, but will the Bruins trade him for a much needed center?

Who is Jake DeBrusk?

Born in Edmonton, Canada, Jake DeBrusk is a left winger who plays for the NHL’s Boston Bruins. He was drafted by the Bruins at the 2015 NHL Entry Draft, and rapidly established himself as one of the team’s most important players.

As a junior, DeBrusk made his start with the Swift Current Broncos in 2013, before moving to the Red Deer Rebels. It was while playing with the Red Deer Rebels that DeBrusk was spotted by the Bruins that led him to be drafted and sign a three-year rookie contract with Boston.

For the 2016-17 season, DeBrusk played in the minors for the Providence Bruins, where he bagged a total of 49 points in 74 games. He was promoted to the Boston Bruins for the 2017-18 season and scored his first goal in the opening-day win over the Nashville Predators. By the end of this season, he had scored 43 points (16g, 27a) in 70 games for the Bruins.

DeBrusk re-signs with the Bruins

DeBrusk quickly became a fan favorite and was held in high regard for his assertive play and ability to put the puck in the net. Bruin fans were delighted when he signed a new deal with the team in November 2020, committing him to the Bruins for another two seasons in a deal valued at over $7.3 million.

DeBrusk is undoubtedly one of the Bruins’ most valuable players. As any sports betting in Ontario fan will tell you, you can always count on him to put points on the board, and he is widely regarded as one of the friendliest and out-going characters in the NHL.

The Trade Request

In news that would have no doubt come as a shock to Boston Bruins fans, DeBrusk submitted a formal trade request in November 2021.
However, just three months later, after the NHL trade deadline had passed, DeBrusk was still with the team. While his agent maintained that the trade request was still in play, DeBrusk seemed to be enjoying himself and was still contributing heavily to the team’s success on the ice.

DeBrusk Has a Change of Heart

In dramatic fashion, instead of DeBrusk being traded at the 2022 NHL trade deadline, he signed a new contract with the Bruins on trade deadline day. Fans were elated to hear that he signed a new deal worth $8 million that would keep him in Boston for a further two years.

This summer, more information has come out regarding his trade request. According to reports, DeBrusk withdrew his request around the same time that coach Bruce Cassidy left his post. This gave rise to speculation that there was friction between the two and that Cassidy’s departure facilitated DeBrusk’s commitment to the Bruins.

Is this the Best Move?

DeBrusk would have been welcomed by most other NHL teams. However, he has shown a level of commitment and loyalty that is rare in these days of mercenary players, and this certainly won’t go unnoticed by the fans.

DeBrusk will be a unrestricted free agent next offseason and he has stated he wants to re-sign long-term with the team. NHL trade rumors have the Bruins being linked to the Calgary Flames as they are in need of a center. Jake DeBrusk has been the player mentioned as a trade piece to aquire a much needed center for the team.

As the Bruins approach opening day, it will be interesting to see if Boston makes a big trade and uses Jake DeBrusk as trade bait or they playout the season with their current roster?


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