Jacob Trouba
Jacob Trouba trade rumors

Winnipeg Jets restricted free agent Jacob Trouba has requested a trade. What does this mean for Trouba and the Jets? Here are the latest Jacob Trouba rumors…

Bob Mckenzie reports, there has been and will be significant interest in Trouba, but Winnipeg, assuming it does trade him, will be looking for a big haul. Among the many teams interested in Trouba, the Arizona Coyotes have been and will likely continue to be a serious suitor. But it’ll be a long list.

CBS Sports: Chris Peters lists the Boston Bruins, Arizona Coyotes, Edmonton Oilers, New Jersey Devils and Detroit Red Wings as the top-five clubs in need of a top-pairing right-handed blueliner such as Jacob Trouba.

Darren Dreger reports, the Tampa Bay Lightning remained patient during the Jonathan Drouin situation. I suspect the Winnipeg Jets will do the same with Jacob Trouba. Highly valued asset as a Jet and trade bait.

Last year it was reported that the Trouba camp sought an eight-year deal worth $7 million per season. It’ll be interesting to see if they still seek that much or will tailor their salary demands to fit the cap space of the teams that could be pursuing him.


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