Picture of NHL Jersey's. Alex Ovechkin had the most sales of NHL jersey's.
Alex Ovechkin is the top selling NHL jersey for the 2022-23 NHL season. The Boston Bruins were the top selling team jersey.

Which player had the highest selling jersey for the 2022-2023 NHL season? Was in Connor McDavid? Auston Matthews? If it was not those two players can you guess who it was?

Which team had the best selling hockey jersey? Was it this years best team in the NHL (Boston Bruins). Was it the Toronto Maple Leafs who have the biggest NHL following? Maybe an underdog team like the Seattle Kraken?

Top player NHL jerseys 2022-23 in regular season

  1. Alexander Ovechkin
  2. Sidney Crosby
  3. David Pastrnak
  4. Jack Hughes
  5. Auston Matthews

Top team NHL jerseys 2022-23 in regular season

  1. Boston Bruins
  2. New York Rangers
  3. Pittsburgh Penguins
  4. Washington Capitals
  5. Colorado Avalanche

The most surprising stat is Connor McDavid not showing up in the top 5 of NHL jersey sales. He is the best player on the planet and it is not even close.

The jersey metrics were calculated from Fanatics. The NHL jersey sales are calculated from across the Fanatics network of online stores, which includes the NHL’s e-commerce stores in the U.S. and Canada.

What are NHL fans saying about the top selling NHL jerseys for 2022-23?

I was one of those buyers. Gotta support the king.

Hughes outselling both McDavid and Matthews in the jersey department for this season is the “chef’s kiss” moment for my eyes.

Daily reminder that fanatics is the worst sports merchandise retailer out there.

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