Picture of Pierre-Luc Dubois. Will he be traded to the Montreal Canadiens?
Will Pierre-Luc Dubois finally be traded to the Montreal Canadiens this offseason? The Habs are offering Dvorak, Anderson, First for Dubois.

For the past year NHL trade rumors have been circulating that the Montreal Canadiens would like to make a trade for Winnipeg Jets forward Pierre-Luc Dubois.

It was reported last offseason the Jets wanted Nick Suzuki for Dubois, the Montreal Canadiens said no to the trade offer. Now it appears the Habs are willing to engage back in trade talks this offseason to make a Dubois trade.

Dvorak, Anderson & 1st round pick for Pierre-Luc Dubois

The Montreal Canadiens want Pierre-Luc Dubois and they are willing to give up significant assets to make a trade happen.

The Athletic is reporting that the Montreal Canadiens are willing to trade Christian Dvorak, Josh Anderson and a 2023 first round pick which is the Florida Panthers draft pick to the Winnipeg Jets for Pierre-Luc Dubois.

What are Habs and Jets fans saying about a Pierre-Luc Dubois trade

As a Habs fan, I am a Montreal fan, patience is needed. I would not make a Dubois trade. Wait till next season. Especially if the competition will increase.

This is too much for the Habs to give up for Dubois. The dude is over-rated.

As a Winnipeg Jets fans, do it, we all know if he is not traded, he is not re-signing here and we better not lose him for nothing!

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