Picture of Moritz Seider and William Nylander. Is a blockbuster trade in the works this summer?
Could another blockbuster trade be in the works this offseason with William Nylander going to Detroit and Moritz Seider coming to Toronto.

The Detroit Red Wings want to be a playoff contender next season and in order to do that they need some scoring punch.

With NHL trade rumors floating around that the Toronto Maple Leafs are looking to break up their core four, Red Wings GM Steve Yzerman could be calling the Leafs about who is available?

William Nylander for Moritz Seider trade in the works?

Detroit Red Wings beat reporter Ansar Khan states the Detroit Red Wings need offense if they want to make the big show next season and the Toronto Maple Leafs are the team Red Wings management should work with to acquire an offensive asset.

It is believed that William Nylander is the most likely of the Leafs to be traded and Khan reports if the Red Wings want him, the Leafs will be asking for Moritz Seider.

Nylander is coming off a career year with 87 points (40g, 47a) and is under contract for one more year at an affordable $6.9 million Leafs salary cap hit.

If Seider is off the table, the Leafs would want Detroit’s 2023 first round pick, which is the #9 overall selection. If you want something good, you have to give up something good.

What are NHL Fans saying about a William Nylander for Moritz Seider trade?

Leafs, make this trade now, Seider can play physical and put up points. He is what we need on the back-end.

We are not giving up Seider. Nice try. Our first round pick, 17th overall from the Islander is available. You can have that for Nylander.

Keep the core four. They are fine. The Leafs need more gritty players to compliment the skill they have.

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  1. lol Detroit cannot get trade Moe Redwings do not have any right defensemen in there system let alone a elite caliber. Not happening

  2. Are you kidding me. Another “pretty” forward who runs from any rough stuff? Especially along the boards and the corners. Just what we need. We might make the playoffs just to be trounced in the first round. At 7 million a year. Lol!

  3. Lol obviously not going to happen, considering Nylander would be for one season, Seider (who becomes RFA not UFA at the same time) would be an overpayment.

  4. I guarantee the Wings won’t trade Seider for Nylander. Only a Leaf fan would come up with that trade. Seider is the cornerstone of the Yzerman build. Yzerman has (4) 1st round picks in the best 2 drafts since 2015, so stay the course. What would adding Nylander actually do anyway? He’s a +5 over the last 5 seasons on a team with a goal differential of + 208 over that time period. If He’s barely moving the needle for a loaded team, what’s he going to do for the Wings? 3-5 more wins next year isn’t worth giving up any 1st round picks.

  5. SY will NEVER give up a generational D-man – and an RHD at that! While DRW does need scoring and would love to have Nylander, TO is in sort of a dump situation in order to get draft picks for their rebuild on the rebuild on the rebuild. I believe Stevie would give TO their #17 this year and their second round next year + Zadina to get Nylander – IF – Toronto signs him to a 6 year, $45MM contract – first

    • This is more reality than this way out of reality article suggestion. You would need to give up a mountain of capital in the Wings favor to pry Seider away. No one will give up that much so he is not moving.


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