Sergei Bobrovsky
NHL trade rumors for June 29, 2022 feature the Florida Panthers trying to trade Sergei Bobrovsky this offseason. They will retain 50% salary.

NHL trade rumors floated earlier this year that the Florida Panthers tried really hard to trade Sergei Bobrovsky or at least lay the ground work for a trade this offseason.

Rory Boylen of Sportsnet is reporting the Panthers are looking to trade Bobrovsky at the 2022 NHL Entry Draft or when the free agent frenzy period starts.

The Panthers have salary cap issues and they need to shed salary.

“Florida is pushing Bobrovsky hard, in terms of takers, who needs a goalie, and they are willing to hold cash back. And I’m told as much as 50 per cent.

“They’ve got cap issues as much as anyone.”

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Bobrovsky has a salary cap hit of $10,000,000/year with four more years to go. Florida will retain $5 million/year in a trade. The problem the Panthers will have in facilitating a trade is his age, he will be 34 when the 2022-23 season starts and he does own a full no-movement clause, so will he even accept a trade?

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