@Mark Lazerus: Player agent Pat Brisson says Chicago Blackhawks Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane could have commanded the max of $13.8M/year, but wanted to keep the team together.

St. Louis Today: Chris Butler, 27, signed a two-way contract, he will get an NHL salary of $650,000 when he’s on the Blues’ roster and a salary of $400,000 if he’s assigned to the AHL.

TSN.ca: Toronto Maple Leafs forward Peter Holland has signed a two-year one-way contract worth $775,000. Holland also got his first hole-in-one today after signing his deal.

Deadspin: Former referee Paul Stewart tells some stories of Eric Lindros as a rookie and how much of a “Dickhead” he was.

During the delay, I made small talk with several of the Devils and Flyers on the ice. I said hello to Mark Recchi and talked to Bernie Nicholls. I then tried to greet the 19-year-old rookie Lindros.

“Hey, Eric. How are things going? How’s your dad?” I asked.

The response: “[Bleep] you. Just drop the [bleeping] puck already.”


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