Picture of Philip Broberg. Will the Edmonton Oilers trade their top prospect?
The latest NHL trade rumors for the Edmonton Oilers suggest the team looking to trade top prospect Philip Broberg for experienced defenseman.

The Edmonton Oilers are fully committed to achieving their goal this season, which is nothing less than winning the Stanley Cup. To achieve this, the team is willing to consider trading their top prospects for players who can enhance their performance.

There are NHL trade rumors circulating about a potential trade involving defenseman Philip Broberg. The team may be looking to move him for a right-handed D-man who is capable of playing 20-25 minutes per game.

Why are the Edmonton Oilers trading Philip Broberg?

Philip Broberg has size, speed, and excellent wingspan, but still needs time to grow and develop his skillset.

According to Allan Mitchell from The Athletic, Broberg would be a great match for a team that’s still in the process of rebuilding.

There are NHL trade rumors suggesting that the Edmonton Oilers may not have the luxury of being patient with their prospects. It has been suggested that Broberg could be a valuable asset to trade for an experienced defenseman who can log significant minutes on the ice.

What are Edmonton Oiler fans saying about a potential Philip Broberg trade?

Not sure where the Edmonton Oilers will find the salary cap space to add a defenseman that eats minutes?

Please make this trade. We need to make a Stanley Cup run and not bow out in the second round again.

We can’t keep trading out our top prospects. I say keep Broberg.

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  1. Brobby isn’t going anywhere. Enough throwin this name out there in rumours. We have 600k in cap space lol. Get real about getting a top 3 Dman. Broberg will be much better this year. He got some decent minutes in the playoffs he’s better than Vinny by a lot. He can play both right and left side so I don’t get why ya’ll are saying this. He’s 22 and will probably and should push for top 5 minutes. Smooth skater, good stick, closes the gap really well and has good board work, snaps a good and hard pass, has a good shot, moves around the offensive zone very well. Just needs to get some man strength. Should be a huge year for brobby.


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