Picture of the New York Rangers and Winnipeg Jets. Will the teams make a blockbuster trade this offseason?
The latest NHL trade rumors for the New York Rangers and Winnipeg Jets feature a 4-player trade involving Mark Scheifele and Braden Scheider.

There have been ongoing NHL trade rumors about Connor Hellebuck and Mark Scheifele being traded, but no deals have been made so far this offseason.

It is speculated that Hellebuyck will begin the season with the Winnipeg Jets, but there is a possibility that the team may trade Scheifele before training camp commences in three weeks.

All members of the New York Rangers are now under contract since Alexis Lafreniere signed a two-year deal last week. The team can now assess their lineup and determine if they need to trade some players to acquire a center.

New York Rangers and Winnipeg Jets blockbuster deal

NHL trade rumors are making the rounds online that a four-player trade could be in the works.

The proposed trade:

To New York:

Mark Scheifele C at $6,125,000
Ville Heinola LD at $863,333

To Winnipeg:

Filip Chytil C, LW at $4,437,500
Braden Schneider RD at $925,000

James Dolan, the owner of the New York Rangers, has a strong desire to win the Stanley Cup this season. In order to achieve this goal, a trade involving Mark Scheifele, who is currently in the prime of his career, would provide an immediate boost to the team’s performance.

Some Ranger fans may hesitate to part with Schneider, but if they want something good, they have to give up something good. The Winnipeg Jets are looking for NHL-ready players instead of focusing on draft picks.

Leave comments below on what you think of the proposed trade.

What are NHL fans saying about the New York Rangers and Winnipeg Jets proposed trade

The NY Rangers did not want to give up Schneider for Jack Eichel. What makes you think they will trade him for Mark Scheifele?

as an NHL fan that has no ties to either team, I think it is a fair trade. Scheifele needs a change of scenery.

There is no way the Rangers trade Schneider. Replace him for a 2024 first round pick and you have a deal!

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  1. Been a Rangers fan since1957 & have seen lots of stupid trades. This is just another one. Keep Schneider. Trade overpriced older fools you bought last.

  2. Love Schneider.Don’t really want to give him up but I would if we had to. I’d do Scheifele and Dillon, both with 50% cap retention, for Chytil & Schneider. Scheifele, with an extension, would be a great addition. It would allow Trocheck to move to 2nd line RW. Goody takes 3rd line C. Adds a lot of speed to the top 6. Dillon adds desperately needed toughness.

  3. This would be a nonsensical trade for NYR, for lots of reasons. Schneider is a rising star who will enable the Rangers to trade Trouba (and his expensive contract) after next season. Chytil has shown the potential to be a solid 2C (or a well above average 3C) and his contract is reasonable. The Rangers do not have the cap room to resign Schiefele after next season (even if they trade Trouba). Finally, trading young players like Schneider and Chytil for the sake of going “all in” for one season mortgages the future. (Last year’s deadline trades for Kane and Tarasenko didn’t get them over the hump – in fact, those deals arguably damaged the team’s overall chemistry by necessitating multiple position changes).

    • 100% agreed. Schneider is a non-starter in any trade talks – org doesn’t have alot of depth on the right side of defense. If they were looking to trade Chytl (which I think they should not do), it would have to be for a top 6 RW in same age range and contract term as Chytl.

  4. Please New York, PLEASE send Schneider to Winnipeg for Schiefele!!!, New York will Love Him!!!, it’s Exactly what needs to happen!!!,Please,Pease,Please!!!!!, Go Jets!!!!!

    • recent trades b/t WPG and NYR:
      Feb 2019: WPG gets Kevin Hayes. Rangers get Brendan Lemieux, 2019 1st rd and 2022 4th rd. Trade was not so bad until
      June 2019: WPG gets N Pionk and their 2019 1st rd pick back for Trouba – then sign Trouba to that ridiculous contract (nowhere else he was going to play with his wife’s residency in NYC). Pionk and Trouba have basically the same stats last 4 seasons – Pionk is over 2 mil cheaper
      March 2022: WPG gets Morgan Barron 22 1st rd 22nd rd and 23 5th rd. Rangers get Copp. This trade was one of the biggest overpays in deadline history (Copp had 14pts in playoffs. Frank Vatrano had 13pts and only cost a 4th rd pick)

  5. Rangers aren’t trading Schneider. Who knows if they can afford him next year, but they are not making that trade.

    Though I would love Scheifele in New York!

    • Granted this is a complete rumor. I don’t like this trade for NYR, but I can see them making it. JD is impulsive and probably views this as a major upgrade for win-now mode even if Schief is out in a year. Schneider is a stud, but with Jones in the wings, they might view him as expendable (which I disagree with).

    • Schneider most likely signs a bridge deal similar to Lindgren’s 1st deal after his entry level deal expired (3 yrs with 3mil AAV). Bigger question: Will the Rangers be able to retain Lindgren and Kakko as both will be arbitration-eligble RFA. I could see a scenario of Lindgren being traded in-season (if Rangers nowhere near playoff spot) or rights traded next offseason – organization does have decent amount of depth on the left side.

    • Yes, they DEFINITELY can afford BOTH Schneider and TROUBA as Trouba is already LOCKED IN for 3 more years at $8M and the CAP is FINALLY increasing by MORE than only $1M per year to $87.5M next season and supposed to increase to around $92M in 2025-26 —- the final year of both Panarin and Trouba’s contracts. So going forward, the Rangers should be in PRETTY GOOD Financial shape regarding their Capspace as they already have about 12 players under multi-year contracts including Igor.

  6. Then trade doesn’t make sense from a Rangers perspective. Chytil has 3 more years at a very decent AAV, the Rangers do not need another LD, and Schneider will be 2nd pair RD if/when they get rid of Trouba and his albatross of a contract next season (more trade flexibility as his deal will then be modified no trade). Plus the Rangers will not be able to re-sign Scheifele next year. Rangers should stay away from trades with WPG – last few haven’t really panned out


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