View the logos of all 32 NHL teams
Logos of all 32 NHL teams

Below is a list of critical dates for the 2021 – 2022 NHL Season. Find out when the NHL trade deadline 2022 is, when does free agency start, when is the NHL Draft 2022?


Sept. 28: 2021 preseason begins

Oct. 12: 2021-22 regular season begins


Jan. 1: Winter Classic – Wild-Blues

Feb. 4-5: All-Star Weekend

*Feb. 7-22Olympic break if NHL goes

Feb. 26: Stadium Series – Predators-Lightning

Mar. 21: NHL Trade Deadline

Apr. 29: Last regular-season game

May 2: First day of Stanley Cup Playoffs

June 30: Last possible day of Stanley Cup Playoffs

July 1: First buyout period opens

July 7-8: NHL Draft

July 12: First buyout period ends

July 13: Free agency opens


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