Picture of Auston Matthews. Will the Toronto Maple Leafs sign him to a long-term contract?
The latest NHL trade rumors for the Toronto Maple Leafs have Auston Matthews agreeing to a long-term contract.

As we now enter August with most NHL teams finalizing their lineups and NHL trade rumors winding down until the NHL season starts in October, there is still one big question a lot of NHL fans are wondering about.

Will Auston Matthews re-sign with the Toronto Maple Leafs and what will his next contract look like?

Matthews is entering his last season on his current contract that pays him a hefty $11,640,250 a year. Once July 1 hit, he was eligible to sign a contract extension with the Maple Leafs.

Rumors have floated around that the Leafs could trade their star forward if a deal is not reached this summer but that is highly doubtful.

Auston Matthews seeking $13.5 million a year from the Toronto Maple Leafs in his next contract

NHL insider Nick Kypreos was on Toronto’s local sports radio station The Fan 590 and was asked about Auston Matthews and whether he will re-sign in Toronto or will the Toronto Maple Leafs trade Auston Matthews.

The NHL trade rumors Kypreos has heard is that Auston Matthews and his agent are asking for a $13.5 AVV. Kypreos believes that the Maple Leafs are comfortable with that number but want him signed for 8 years.

Matthews is seeking a 5-year term and that is why we have not heard about a done deal yet.

What are NHL Fans saying about Auston Matthews and the Toronto Maple Leafs

We all know Auston Matthews is no re-signing in Toronto. He is going home to Arizona. Clayton Keller and Logon Cooley are coming back to the Toronto Maple Leafs. Book it.

The Leafs better sign Matthews to a long-term deal. Nylander is good as gone. If healthy Matthews is putting up 65 goals this year playing on a line with Mitch Marner and Tyler Bertuzzi.

The Leafs will pay Auston Matthews whatever he wants. He is not being traded. He will be a Leaf 4 life!

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