Picture of Vancouver Canucks player and Columbus BLue Jackets player. Will the teams make a blockbuster trade?
The latest NHL trade rumors for the Vancouver Canucks have the team packaging up Anthony Beauvillier to the Blue Jackets for Andrew Peeke.

The Vancouver Canucks are looking to shed salary as they currently sit $4,267,917 over the salary cap and will have to find a way to be cap compliant before the season starts.

NHL trade rumors have swirled around that the Vancouver Canucks could trade Tyler Myers after September 1 when his $5 million signing bonus is paid out. But most teams are capped out and will not be able to take on his $6 million salary cap hit.

The Columbus Blue Jackets could be a potential trade partner to help the Canucks lower their cap hit.

Vancouver Canucks and Columbus Blue Jackets working on a trade?

NHL trade rumors are making the rounds that the Vancouver Canucks could package up forward Anthony Beauvillier, prospect Jacob Truscott and the 2024 fourth round pick.

The Columbus Blue Jackets would send stay-at-home defenseman Andrew Peeke while saving the Canucks $1.4 million in salary cap space.

What are Canucks and Blue Jacket fans saying about the potential trade?

Anthony Beauvillier must NOT be traded. Anybody but him. Though Andrew Peeke would be a good addition.

um, no, we are not trading Andrew Peeke. We need a stay at home defenseman in Columbus.

Trade will not matter. Both teams are missing the playoffs this coming season anyways.

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  1. That would be a fair trade imo. Peak really is needed by the Canucks and Beauvilliere will really help Columbus. The other pieces would be for the cap room.


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