NHL Considering Expanding Regular Season To 84 Games
NHL Considering Expanding Regular Season To 84 Games

There had been some chatter about an 84-game schedule when the Seattle Kraken entered the league to make it a 32 team league.

It appears the 84 NHL game schedule could be coming soon, possibly for the 2024-25 NHL season.

There is a push for an 84 game NHL season

Elliotte Friedman was on his 32 Thoughts Podcast and reports an 84-game schedule is floating around and there is a push for it, preseason drops from max 8 games to 4 or 5 games played.

Breakdown of the 84 game NHL season

  • 28 games vs. own division
  • 24 games vs other division in your conference
  • 32 games vs other conference.

Friedman went on to say in his Podcast that 82 game schedules works well with 30 teams, but much harder with 32 teams.

The big question is, will the NHLPA accept the 84 game proposal from the league? Friedman feels it is not impossible players wouldn’t accept it, all about negotiations.

Ask any season ticket holder would you rather pay for two more regular season games or four more preseason games? Choice is obvious.

What do fans think about the 84 game NHL schedule?

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As an Islanders fan, I could never imagine the owners rather seeing Minnesota, Calgary, or Anaheim come to town (no disrespect) more than the Rangers, Devils, Penguins, etc. bigger revenue for those games anyway…surprising the owners aren’t pushing for something like this

Season should be 70 games. No more.
Aug: Rookie camps
Sept: Training camps
Oct – Mar: Regular season
April & May: Playoffs
June: Draft
July: Free Agency

I’d rather they changed the playoff format than how many regular games per season


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