5 Ways to Make Hockey More Popular Among Millennials

As the years pass, we are seeing Generation X slowly aging and the sports industry is looking at a new audience. Millennials are now one of the most important demographics as far as the sports industry goes. It’s safe to say that millennials have completely revolutionized the way we see the world as they operate in an era of the internet, social media and video streaming.

Millennials are often associated with having short attention spans owing to the vast amount of information and options at their disposal. According to lines.com the sports industry needs to understand millennials to be able to cater to their unique needs. This is especially so when it comes to ice hockey.

Let’s take a look at 5 ways to make hockey more popular among millennials.

Incorporating Video Streaming

Millennials have grown up with smartphones and the internet. They shop online and will not have any issue paying more for a quality product. The same is true for sports. They will not have a problem paying for a subscription especially if it offers them value.

Online video is a big part of the millennial lifestyle and making ice hockey more accessible through video streaming channels can increase the popularity of the sport among the demographic. After all, live sport is not only entertaining but is a way to bring people together, and it’s no secret that millennials enjoy socializing.

Access to Non-game Content

Millennials spend a considerable amount of their time viewing non-game content online. This can present an opportunity for the NHL by allowing millennials access to videos such as behind-the-scenes, player data, funny clips, and documentaries on ice hockey.

This can help grow their curiosity in the game thus ultimately turning them into loyal fans.

Making Millennials Part of the Narrative

Millennials are a highly engaging demographic and want to feel part of the narrative. By uploading content from previous games on social media platforms, you provide the opportunity for the millennials to do just that.
They can comment on the games, share as well as repost. This puts the sport in front of more and more millennials thus growing its popularity.

What’s more, millennials enjoy creating their content. By making sports videos more available, fans can add their insight and opinion to a game or clip and get a following online.

Encouraging Players to Create their Brand Online

Millennials do not just identify with a team. They want to identify with an individual player. They view them as role models and will therefore want to relate to them and interact with them.

By encouraging hockey players to create their presence online, fans can easily interact with the players for a more personalized experience. This can help boost the love of the game.

Access to Stats

Millennials enjoy taking part in betting during a game. They are also a highly intellectual demographic that values research and analysis.

By providing stats to hockey games millennials can make better betting choices and analysis on their favorite player or team.

Image source – https://pixabay.com/photos/ice-hockey-youth-winter-cold-rink-600267/


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