NY Rangers rumors
The New York Rangers are Stanley Cup contenders and will be looking to make a big trade at the NHL trade deadline.

We are two months away from the NHL trade deadline and NHL trade rumors are starting to heat up for playoff contenders and pretenders.

The New York Rangers appear to be looking to make a trade for a big-ticket item but which player will remain to be seen? The Blue Shirts have two 2023 first round picks plus some young players to offer up if they want to land the big fish.

3 players the New York Rangers could target

  1. Patrick Kane: Kane has been tied to the New York Rangers since the offseason and it seems he is destined to be a NY Ranger at the trade deadline. The Chicago Blackhawks will likely have to retain half his salary for any trade to be facilitated and possible a third team involved to help reduce Kane’s salary cap hit.
  2. Ryan O’Reilly: O’Reilly is set to be come an unrestricted free agent this summer. The St. Louis Blues will be seeking a first round pick and prospect for his services. O’Reilly plays a hard-edged skilled game that playoff teams covet. A trade is not likely to happen until trade deadline day as Ryan O’Reilly is out six weeks with a broken foot.
  3. Bo Horvat: Like Patrick Kane, Horvat has been linked to the New York Rangers for the past few months. Horvat will also be a UFA this summer so he will be a rental unless a sign and trade is worked out. Alexis Lafreniere has been linked to the Vancouver Canucks, so could something be worked out here?

What are fans saying about the New York Rangers making a big trade?

Horvat is so overrated. Fluke season.

Gallant should be fired before Lafreniere gets moved this quickly. Besides, the NY Rangers need defensive help and bottom 6, not an over the hill and overpriced Patrick Kane

Ryan O’Reilly is not going anywhere. Blues give him 1 year, times have changed no room elsewhere with cap restrictions.

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