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Here are PuckMePlease.com’s early 2013 – 2014 regular season and playoff predictions. There are some surprises this year. The Eastern conference will be tough with 16 teams…. Pittsburgh wins the division if Sidney Crosby stays healthy.

Who will win the Stanley Cup? Scroll down and see the results!!

NHL 2013-2014 Regular Season Predictions

Eastern Conference Western Conference
Metropolitan Division Atlantic Division
Central Division
Pacific Division
Pittsburgh Penguins Boston Bruins Chicago Blackhawks LA Kings
Washington Captails Ottawa Senators St. Louis Blues San Jose Sharks
New York Rangers Toronto Maple Leafs Minnesota Wild Anaheim Ducks
New York Islanders (WC) Detroit Red Wings (WC) Dallas Stars (WC) Vancouver Canucks (WC)
Columbus Blue Jackets Montreal Canadiens Winnipeg Jets Edmonton Oilers
Carolina Hurricanes Tampa Bay Lightning Nashville Predators Phoenix Coyotes
Philadelphia Flyers Buffalo Sabres Colorado Avalanche Calgary Flames
New Jersey Devils Florida Panthers    

Here are PuckMePlease.com’s 2014 Playoff predictions.

Who will win the 2014 Stanley Cup? Scroll down and see the results!!

2014 NHL Playoff Predictions

Eastern Conference

Western Conference

Playoff Round 1
Playoff Round 1
1. Pittsburgh Penguins Pittsburgh (4-2) 1. Chicago Blackhawks Chicago (4-1)
8. New York Islanders 8. Dallas Stars
2. Boston Bruins Boston (4-1) 2. LA Kings LA Kings (4-2)
7. Detroit Red Wings 7. Vancouver Canucks
3. Washington Capitals Washington (4-2) 3. St. Louis Blues St. Louis (4-2)
6. New York Rangers 6. Minnesota Wild
4. Ottawa Senators Toronto (4-3) 4. San Jose Sharks San Jose (4-3)
5. Toronto Maple Leafs 5. Anaheim Ducks

Eastern Conference

Western Conference

Playoff Round 2
Playoff Round 2
1. Pittsburgh Penguins Pittsburgh (4-2) 1. Chicago Blackhawks San Jose (4-3)
5. Toronto Maple Leafs 4. San Jose Sharks
2. Boston Bruins Boston (4-3) 2. La Kings St. Louis Blues (4-2)
3. Washington Capitals 3. St. Louis Blues

Eastern Conference

Western Conference

Playoff Round 3
Playoff Round 3
1. Pittsburgh Penguins Pittsburgh (4-2) 3. St. Louis Blues St. Louis (4-3)
2. Boston Bruins 4. San Jose Sharks

Stanley Cup
1. Pittsburgh Penguins Pittsburgh (4-2)
4. St. Louis Blues

2013 – 2014 NHL Regular Season and Playoff Predictions


  1. Not sure why you think Ottawa will beat the Bruins. They are way too deep a team to come up short in 7 games against a team missing it’s captain. As well I think we will see the Leafs make it to the conference finals this year with their added depth in Bolland and healthy Lupol. Also look to see Kadri stem from his breakout year last year. I see the Penguins beating Chicago in 7 if they can muster a defensive effort.

  2. The habs will finish first in the Atlantic. Boston, Detroit, and Ottawa will follow, Toronto fifth, Tampa Bay, Buffalo, and Florida is how they will finish. You can mark it down. . The habs top three lines are loaded, no team in the Atlantic matches them. Listen folks they did not finish second in the conference with smoke and mirrors. They had the fifth ranked PP in the league. They were forth in goals scored. And now both their offense and defense have improved. Price had an off year, he will be back to elite form. Look for the Gally,s and Eller to have break out years. Briere is very motivated by playing for the team he idolized as a kid, look for him to return to the numbers he had three years ago 34 goals and 68 points, and I predict even better.

  3. Absolutely no way the Habs don’t make the playoffs. They finished 2nd in the East last year and they have improved in the off season. The defense corps is one of the best in the league and they finished 3rd overall in offense for goals scored. What are you smoking?

  4. Capitals will be in first because of the goalie situation with Pittsburgh.
    Flyers should be last because of Claude’s new injury.
    Montreal should be 2nd, Price will make a comeback and even if he doesn’t they still have a great defense so they will make the Playoffs.
    Detroit is in a new Conference, a much harder one at that. Expect them to do well at first, collapse, and make a miracle comeback only to come up short.
    Ottawa should be WC.
    Jets should be last as well, they will fall behind the Panthers.
    Move Sharks back to WC and move Ducks and Canucks up one.

    But addressing YOUR playoffs now; Why does every upset go 7 games? Looking back at the 2012 Champions, the longest round before the SCF’s was 5 games and they were an 8th seed. Penguins will not win, they have no depth on defense and no amount of offensive can make up for that. And do the Blues plan to see Brian Elliot make it through all these rounds? The Sharks don’t really have an identity yet, so expect them to be knocked out by the Blackhawks who I see making the SCF’s again.

    Ottawa vs Chicago for the Cup – Chicago in 5.

    Sorry to say but Chicago has the best all-around team, and that’s what it takes to win the Stanley Cup. If there was no salary cap, Chicago would be an upcoming dynasty from 2010, but they will win two-three more cups with Toews, Kane, Hossa, Sharp, Keith, Seabrook, and Crawford.


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