Crowd at a Winnipeg Jets game with empty seats visible
The Winnipeg Jets are facing falling attendance and corporate support. Could the team be looking to relocate?

The Arizona Coyotes aren’t the only franchise currently battling attendance problems. The Winnipeg Jets, despite making serious playoff runs in recent years, are facing an increasing number of empty seats inside Canada Life Centre.

With an average attendance of just above 13,000 in an arena designed for over 15,000, concerns are mounting about the financial viability of the franchise in Winnipeg.

Will Jets Attendance Trouble Lead to Relocation?

The Jets enjoyed a passionate fan base after relocating from Atlanta, and sellouts were commonplace. But the numbers are now painting a troubling picture. According to TSN insider Chris Johnston, the NHL is carefully observing the situation and has noted a concerning 30% decline in season ticket sales over the past three years. This trend is mirrored by a lack of strong corporate support compared to teams in similar markets.

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman will be in Winnipeg this coming Tuesday, with meetings scheduled alongside important corporate partners of the team. The question on everyone’s mind is whether Winnipeg’s NHL future is in doubt, and if the passionate hockey market could once again find itself without a team.

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