Picture of Erik Karlsson and William Nylander. Will the Leafs and Sharks make a trade?
The latest NHL trade rumors have the Toronto Maple Leafs and San Jose Sharks discussing a Nylander for Karlsson trade.

As the William Nylander saga continues this offseason, NHL rumors have the Nylander camp and Leafs management no where near getting a contract completed with the Leafs.

Nylander wants a $10 million/year salary and the Leafs say no to that demand. The Leafs are getting calls about William Nylander’s availability and if the right offer does come along, he could very well be traded.

Erik Karlsson for William Nylander trade coming?

The latest NHL trade rumors online have the San Jose Sharks interested in a trade for William Nylander with defenseman Erik Karlsson coming to Toronto.

Former Toronto Maple Leafs beat reporter Howard Berger states in a tweet that if the Toronto Maple Leafs want Erik Karlsson, the Sharks want Nylander back in a trade.

Berger went on to say in his piece that San Jose is likely eating a portion of Karlsson’s salary and other trade pieces would be involved.

What are NHL fans saying about a Erik Karlsson trade for William Nylander?

I would trade Nylander and Brodie for Karlsson straight up. No retaining salaries involved.

For a Karlsson trade to work in Toronto, Matt Murray has be going with Nylander to San Jose.

The Sharks would have to eat 50% of his contract for this trade to work. Karlsson is 34 and on the decline. Not sure I would make the trade.

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  1. Why can’t Mathew and Marner (next contract) take a bit of a haircut to accommodate Nylander? They have a small window of opportunity to go for it all. If they refuse, it shows that they are willing to sacrifice a Stanley Cup for a little extra money. Many great players would that in a heartbeat to get to the finals!

  2. im sorry.. but a young player that hasnt even hit his prime for an aging defenseman… So what he had a norris trophy season.. it was far from the last he won.. And whose to say he will play like he did next season. no thank you.. i would only do it if the defense corps was filled with prospects and rookies.. they dont wanna give nylander 10 mill but will fork over 11.5 …. ? wouldnt make sense and doesnt make sense.

  3. Senators fan here

    Karlsson will impress

    So what if he is 34

    Look at top tennis athletes

    An extremely physically demanding sport, and yet they make it to grand slam finals even when they are in their late 30s

    • extreme? you clearly dont know the abuse hockey takes on the body.. yeah tennis is pyshicallly demanding.. but your not get hip checked or ran into the boards.. so not a good comparison imho.. sorry.

    • If you’re talking about Djoker at 37 making finals… Yes he did but there is only one Djoker out there and don’t forget he’s GOAT

    • Really?? This is your contribution a really lame dig at a a guy who has been a CPT in the league for over a decade and has made more money doing than you could ever dream of??? Wow what a zinger???

  4. Get rid of matthews he’s the one who can’t find the net Marner is told to pass the puck!!! Marner and Nylander would be amazing together & that’s what they should do!!!

    • Toronto isn’t willing to give Nylander the contract he wants, Nylander will be walking next year, this is why Nylander is the one in trade talks. Might as well get something out of him.

  5. If a trade must be made then I like the idea of Nylander going to the Shark’s. First off if Nylander was traded to the Shark’s one we’d only see them once or twice a season and being out there we would barely hear about him. Two Karlsson is a good starting point but there has to be more coming back than just Karlsson. One you get Nylander for the upcoming season at 6.9mil plus if it’s a sign and trade then there has to be a pick in the pkg and either a high end prospect or roster player. Shark’s mngt has said that they are willing to retain 3milx4yrs that works out to what Treliving was willing to pay for Nylander. I say that if a deal hasn’t been reached by the end of July then it’s time to move on. I also believe that this would be a good time to move on from TJ and Jankrok with Murray, that’s around 12mil in Cap relief depending on what Treliving gets in return. I’m glad that in a couple of day’s we’re off for three weeks in the sun. When I get back let’s hope that they’ve either signed or traded one or the other. It’s a wait and see what happens with the top two guns let’s hope that they have worked this all out by the time I get back I’m hoping one way or another this has all been settled. Cheerz

    • Matthews can’t find the net??? Since he has entered the league who has found it more???? No one!!! Anyone close has played significantly more games as well. Get your facts straight before you post these silly little kid opinions

    • He’s a playmaker and has 47 points in 50 playoff games, 14 in the last 11. His Points/Game were 4th highest in the last playoffs of any team that made it to the second round.

      • My how Leaf fans have gotten cocky not to long ago we were basement dwellers now it seems we are good enough to get rid of Willy, Austin , Mitch , and JT
        who the hell do you think brought us here

        • Absolutely correct. But they aren’t fans they wannabe part of something so they pipe up without a clue what they are talking about


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