Ryan O'Reilly Leafs contract talks
Will the Toronto Maple Leafs re-sign Ryan' O'Reilly this offseason or take the biggest contract offered to him at free agent frenzy?

Ryan O’Reilly has fit in well with the Toronto Maple Leafs since the trade back in February. It was unfortunate that he broke his finger, but in the eight games he has played with the Leafs, he gelled with the lineup.

Reports are he has been great off the ice with his Leaf teammates while he heels from his broken finger and NHL rumors suggest the Leafs are interested in re-signing him this offseason.

Can the Toronto Maple Leafs afford to re-sign Ryan O’Reilly?

Luke Fox of Sportsnet reports besides the Maple Leafs having interest in re-signing Ryan O’Reilly, he will likely be the most coveted center at NHL free agent frenzy time and the St. Louis Blues are open to re-signing him.

What is Ryan O’Reilly looking for in his next contract? Fox suggests with the demand for his services this summer, he will be seeking a long-term deal worth $7 million/year.

If he wants to be a Toronto Maple Leaf, he may have to accept a $5 million/year deal.

What are Leaf fans saying Ryan O’Reilly re-signing in Toronto?

Bet he’s signs 2-3 years at 2.5-4 million AAV after season with the Leafs once they win the Stanley Cup.

I think O’Reilly re-signs with the leafs , his wife is from Toronto, parents from Toronto a lot of family here. Great team organization to finish your career and close to family for both him and his wife.

Awful signing by Kyle Dubas, he will be fired and O’Reilly will take the most money offered to him this offseason.

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