Carter Hart trade
The Philadelphia Flyers are headed for a full rebuild. The question is, does Carter Hart want to be part of the rebuild?

The Philadelphia Flyers underachieved this year and that cost GM Chuck Fletcher his job. The Flyers thought they could rebuild on the fly but it did not work out and now they are committed to a full rebuild of the team.

They Flyers will now concentrate on development and drafting of players. This brings us to Carter Hart. He has one more year left on his contract and does he want to be part of a rebuild?

Will Carter Hart be traded this offseason?

Jeff Marek was on Hockey Night in Canada and stated that the Philadelphia Flyers are looking at goalie Samuel Ersson to be the potential goalie of the future for the Flyers, which could leave Carter Hart as expendable.

The Flyers have the option of extending Hart this offseason to a new contract but Marek wonders does Carter Hart want to spend the prime of his career playing for a team that is headed for a complete rebuild.

What are Flyer fans saying about potential Carter Hart trade?

The Ottawa Senators will make trade for him this offseason

Where else is he gonna go ?! To another struggling franchise ?!….

I’d inquire if I were the habs. We have tons of picks and prospects. Sean Farrell + 2nd is my offer


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