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As we get closer to the start of the 2013-14 season, the Buffalo Sabres are unsure of what is going to happen with their starting netminder Ryan Miller.

Miller’s contract expires at the end of next season and the Sabres are currently trying to figure out a way to trade him so they can get some value back.

Unfortunately for the Sabres, team GM Darcy Regier has had trouble finding suitors for Miller, which is troublesome for the franchise. Things are not exactly looking up in Buffalo and if the team were to let him walk away at the end of season, fans just might not be willing to come back the following season.

While the Sabres do not know what is going to happen with Miller or where he might end up, here are a few destinations in mind that might be the right fit for Miller if Regier could make a deal with the following teams:

  1. Edmonton Oilers
  2. Florida Panthers
  3. Vancouver Canucks

Ryan Miller trade rumors


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