Vegas Golden Knights considering trade for Penguins forward Reilly Smith in NHL trade rumors
Discover the latest on the Vegas Golden Knights' interest in trading for Penguins' Reilly Smith. NHL trade rumors, salary cap insights, and more.

NHL trade rumors are a constant source of excitement and speculation. One of the latest buzzes in the league is the potential trade involving the Vegas Golden Knights and the Pittsburgh Penguins, centered around forward Reilly Smith.

The Pittsburgh Penguins have shown interest in acquiring Vladimir Tarasenko, a move that would necessitate the freeing up of significant salary cap space. This is where the Golden Knights come into the picture. They are reportedly interested in a deal for Reilly Smith, a move that would enable the Penguins to pursue Tarasenko.

Exploring the Potential Trade of Reilly Smith to Vegas Golden Knights

Jesse Granger of The Athletic has been at the forefront of this speculation, suggesting that the Golden Knights are in the market for a winger and are considering reacquiring Smith. Smith is no stranger to success, holding the record for the third-most goals and points in Golden Knights history. However, his tenure with the Penguins hasn’t been as fruitful, leading to the possibility that a return to Vegas could reignite his career.

The financial aspect of this potential trade is crucial. The Golden Knights would likely require the Penguins to retain a portion of Smith’s salary to make the deal work within their salary cap constraints. This is a common practice in the NHL, where salary cap management is as important as player performance.

Smith’s return to the Golden Knights could be a significant boost for the team. His familiarity with the team’s system and previous success in Vegas could make him a key player once again. For the Penguins, shedding Smith’s salary could be the key to acquiring Tarasenko, a move that would undoubtedly strengthen their offense.

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