Pittsburgh Penguins discussing trade strategy for Ottawa Senators forward Vladimir Tarasenko in NHL trade rumors
Discover the latest on the Pittsburgh Penguins' potential trade for Ottawa Senators' forward Vladimir Tarasenko to enhance their playoff push.

In the ever-evolving landscape of the NHL, the Pittsburgh Penguins are reportedly setting their sights on a significant trade to bolster their offense.

Amidst struggles with an underperforming power play, the Penguins are in dire need of an offensive spark. The solution? A potential trade for Ottawa Senators’ forward Vladimir Tarasenko.

Penguins Pursue Senators’ Vladimir Tarasenko to Boost Playoff Hopes

The Penguins’ power play woes have been a sore spot, exacerbating their need for a robust offensive strategy. One name that’s been swirling in the NHL trade rumor mill is Vladimir Tarasenko.

Currently with the Ottawa Senators, Tarasenko is a seasoned forward whose stats are not to be overlooked. In 44 games this season, he has netted 13 goals and contributed 19 assists. His $5 million cap hit seems a fair price for a player of his caliber, especially considering his potential to revitalize a power play unit.

Furthermore, Tarasenko isn’t just any forward; he’s a Stanley Cup champion, having been a crucial part of the 2019 St. Louis Blues. His experience and track record could be invaluable for the Penguins, particularly in a playoff push. Despite playing for the defensively challenged Senators, Tarasenko stands out with a team-leading plus-16.

However, the Penguins also face the task of restructuring their roster. Forward Rielly Smith, despite high hopes, hasn’t found his groove in Pittsburgh. A trade involving Smith could open up space and resources to acquire a top-six winger like Tarasenko.

The Ottawa Senators, on their end, are eyeing a rebuild. They’re reportedly seeking a first-round pick for Tarasenko, but their broader strategy includes acquiring mentors and veterans to guide their young squad. This opens up intriguing possibilities for a mutually beneficial trade.

Navigating the salary cap will be a key challenge for the Penguins. The NHL’s cap intricacies often turn potential trades into intricate puzzles. Yet, with the right moves, Pittsburgh could land a player capable of turning their power play woes around and injecting much-needed vitality into their lineup.

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