Nick Seeler wearing a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey
Leafs looking to beef up their defense. Darren Dreger suggests Nick Seeler as a trade target.

The NHL trade deadline is heating up, and as usual, the Toronto Maple Leafs are right in the thick of things. The big news on the Leafs front is that, according to TSN’s Darren Dreger, the team isn’t settling for its current roster configuration after the Ilya Lyubushkin trade.

Dreger suggests the Leafs are aggressively hunting for another defenseman – one who adds a good measure of grit to their blue line.

Nick Seeler: The Perfect Fit for the Leafs?

The latest name buzzing through the rumor mill is Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Nick Seeler. It’s no secret the Flyers are in a retool phase, making veteran pieces like Seeler prime trade targets. At 6’2″, 200 lbs, Seeler’s known for hard hits and being unafraid to drop the gloves. He’s precisely the kind of rugged, stay-at-home defenseman Toronto could use to toughen up the back end, especially as they head into the playoffs.

While Seeler might be the top rumor right now for the Leafs, there will likely be other names circulating as we inch closer to deadline day.

The Leafs need to bolster their defense, and with their playoff aspirations, they don’t have time to wait for internal solutions. One way or another, expect Toronto’s GM, Brad Treliving, to add a bit more muscle.

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