Toronto Maple Leafs and St. Louis Blues discussing potential trade involving Parayko and Blais
Discover the latest on the Leafs-Blues trade talks involving Parayko, Blais, Reaves, Järnkrok, Niemelä, and a first-round pick. Get insights on how it benefits both teams.

In the swirling vortex of rumors, a particularly intriguing whisper has begun to resonate louder than the rest, hinting at a significant trade discussion between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the St. Louis Blues.

According to NHL trade rumors, the proposed trade would see the Blues sending defenseman Colton Parayko and forward Samuel Blais to Toronto in exchange for forward Ryan Reaves, center Calle Järnkrok, promising defensive prospect Topi Niemelä, and a 2024 first-round pick.

Why This Trade Works for the Toronto Maple Leafs

The Maple Leafs have been on the hunt for a top-four shutdown defenseman capable of bolstering their blue line for a deep playoff run. Colton Parayko, at 30 years old, fits this bill perfectly. With Parayko, the Leafs would secure another 3-4 years of solid, reliable play from a defenseman who knows what it takes to win. Standing at 6’6”, Parayko’s physical presence, combined with his defensive acumen and ability to eat significant minutes against the opposition’s top lines, would be invaluable. Furthermore, Parayko is signed for another six years at a $6.5 million AAV, providing long-term stability to the Leafs’ defensive core.

Samuel Blais, on the other hand, would add depth and grit to the Leafs’ forward group. Known for his physical play and ability to chip in offensively, Blais could become an integral part of the Leafs’ bottom-six forward group, bringing energy and toughness to the lineup.

Why This Trade Works for the St. Louis Blues

The St. Louis Blues would receive a package that addresses both immediate needs and future considerations. Ryan Reaves, known for his physical presence and leadership qualities, could inject some energy and toughness into the Blues’ lineup. Calle Järnkrok’s versatility and reliability in both offensive and defensive situations would provide the Blues with a valuable middle-six forward.

The real jewel for the Blues, however, could be Topi Niemelä, a highly touted defensive prospect with the potential to develop into a top-pairing defenseman. Niemelä’s inclusion in the deal, along with a 2024 first-round pick, signals the Blues’ intent to replenish their prospect pool and build for the future. This trade would give them valuable assets that could be developed internally or used in future transactions to address other team needs.

The Bottom Line

This trade proposition presents a fascinating opportunity for both the Toronto Maple Leafs and the St. Louis Blues, each addressing key areas of need while positioning themselves for future success. For the Leafs, acquiring Parayko could be the missing piece in their quest for playoff success. For the Blues, the infusion of young talent and draft capital could set the stage for a retooled and competitive roster in the years to come.

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  1. If toronoto wants parayko think of this.
    Neimela knies and 1st round pick. How the kap works is not our problem. Lol to the guy above. Parayko is a #1rhd who plays 24 to 27 mins a night and plays against the best comp while putting up 35

  2. One of worst trade proposals yet. Leafs are would get fleeced. Parayko is a shadow of his former self. Not physical. And not a top-4 on any contending team – with an awful contract. Lol. Niemela is a top- prospect that will be a cheap add to their revamped core next year. Jarnkrok also a very underrated winger. Plays up and down lineup with ease. No thank you at all from Leafs perspective. And they also toss in a 1st??? Lol. This must be a Blues beat reporter. Just brutal.

  3. Not nearly enough from Toronto, who get 2 very useful pieces while dumping 2 useless salaries. The first and Niemela are not enough for Parayko and Blais, and Toronto also needs to compensate St. Louis for eating Reaves and Jarnkroks salaries. Maybe add Minten and another high pick.


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