Toronto Maple Leafs winger Mitch Marner skates with the puck
Will the Leafs re-sign Mitch Marner or trade him? Our NHL experts weigh in on the star winger's future in Toronto.

The Toronto Maple Leafs’ perennial playoff heartbreak is cause for concern. If they suffer another early exit this year, fans may see a major shakeup. Star winger Mitch Marner’s contract is not up for another year, but the team can re-sign him to a new extension come July. This is sparking a crucial decision for the franchise: re-sign him or explore a trade.

Marner, 26, is undeniably a core piece of the Leafs’ offense. His point production, heavy minutes, and versatility on both special teams units make him a coveted asset.’s Dan Rosen argues, “He’s a Selke Trophy player,” emphasizing his value beyond pure scoring.

Mitch Marner’s Future with the Toronto Maple Leafs: Trade or Extension?

Trading Marner would be a monumental move. The Leafs could only justify it if the return were phenomenal – think a young, elite, number-one defenseman. Such players are rare and come at a premium cost.

However, Marner’s next contract will likely mirror Auston Matthews’ at $13.25 million annually – a possible strain on Toronto’s salary cap. If the Leafs can’t find financial flexibility elsewhere, a trade may become a necessity.

This offseason could be transformative for the Maple Leafs. The question hangs in the air: will Marner stay in blue and white, or will his departure mark the beginning of a new era?

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