Picture of the Florida Panthers vs the Vegas Golden Knights in the 2023 Stanley Cup final.
The NHL suffered their worst TV ratings since 2007 and they were down 43% compared to last years final that pitted the Avalanche vs Lightning.

The Stanley Cup finals were the least viewed finals since the 2007 Stanley Cup final that featured the Anaheim Ducks defeating the Ottawa Senators in five games.

The Stanley Cup finals were down 43% compared to last years finals that had the Colorado Avalanche defeating the Tampa Bay Lightning in six games.

Why were the 2023 Stanley Cup ratings so low?

The main reason Stanley Cup TV ratings were so low was the NHL finals were not on a national broadcast network like ABC, NBC, CBS. Having the games on TNT where viewers in the USA have to pay for the service played a major part in the low ratings.

Also not having a big market team in the Stanley Cup finals like the New York Rangers, Boston Bruins, LA Kings, Philadelphia Flyers or the Toronto Maple Leafs did not help.

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What are NHL fans saying about the low Stanley Cup TV ratings?

It’s not even about big market teams, it’s about there never being two great teams in the finals. Any 2 of Edmonton, Tampa, Boston, Toronto, NY, Colorado, or NJ would have all been great options for an awesome finals.

The Florida Panthers are not a draw. That team does not pull in viewers. If the NY Rangers did not choke in the first round and made a deep playoff run, the ratings would be different.

I think has something to do with a team that was given a sweetheart expansion deal and a team whose attendance screams relocation might have had something to do with it?

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