Sidney Crosby skates with the puck during Pittsburgh Penguins game
Crosby discusses a potential contract extension with the Penguins. Get the latest on his future and Penguins news here.

Sidney Crosby, the legendary Pittsburgh Penguins center, has indicated he’ll be entering contract extension discussions with the team this offseason. The 36-year-old’s current 12-year deal expires after the 2024-25 season, potentially making him an unrestricted free agent.

“Obviously, I’m going to talk to general manager Kyle Dubas and have a conversation with him,” Crosby stated. “We’ll see. I think it’s just something that I’ll have conversations with him about.”

Will Sidney Crosby Retire with the Penguins?

Despite his age, Crosby remains a dominant force, leading Pittsburgh this season with 94 points. He’s expressed a year-to-year approach to his career but hasn’t ruled out playing beyond the upcoming season.

The Penguins’ recent playoff absences add a layer of intrigue to the contract negotiations. Crosby is committed to winning, and the franchise’s ability to quickly build a contender will likely be a significant factor in his decision.

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