Jacob Trouba hit on Sidney Crosby
Was Jacob Trouba's hit on Sidney Crosby an accident or intentional?

Everyone is talking about the hit Jacob Trouba made on Sidney Crosby that knocked him out of game five in the playoff series between the Pittsburgh Penguins and New York Rangers.

Once Crosby left the game, the momentum shifted in the game which saw the Rangers came back from a 2-0 deficit to win the game 5-3.

Ellitotte Friedman was on Sportsnet after the game and believes the hit was not intentional and Trouba should not be suspended for an accidental head shot.

On TSN1050 radio this morning, NHL analyst Mike Johnson feels the hit warrants a one-game suspension.

Penguins reporter Taylor Haase reports, just saw Crosby walking down the ramp out of the building. Nothing visible wrong with him, looked normal.

Let’s hope he is fine and plays Game six.

Video of Jacob Trouba hit on Sidney Crosby


  1. it wasn’t accidental or intentional- These words imply illegality. You cannot be punished for playing hard clean hockey. The hit on Crosby, although almost borderline- clean- the hit on Domi- clean- He’s a tough player but not dirty. Being suspended once 5 years ago does not warrant all of this nonsenve from jealous fans who really only wish he was on their team. Malkin on the other hand constantly uses his stick as a weapon. He needs to be punished severly. no one can argue that.

  2. Trouba has a history of head hunting hits. 2017 Stone, 2020 Khiara (stretchers off the ice!), 2021 Dal Colle, 2022 Crosby (after all of NY was hoping someone would “knock Crosby Out” of the playoffs.
    He got knocked out. Troubadour should be locked out.

    • And he should be suspended for all the clean hits? He was suspended once 5 years ago. That’s it. the Crosby hit was almost bordeline dirty. When you have a nearly clean track record as he does, the league will give you the benefit of the doubt.


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