Picture of Ottawa Senators forward Matthieu Joseph. Will he be traded to the San Jose Sharks?
The latest for NHL trade rumors for the San Jose Sharks feature the team interested in Ottawa Senators forward Mathieu Joseph.

The Ottawa Senators are looking to unload forward Mathieu Joseph to free up the cap space to sign Shane Pinto to a contract extension.

NHL trade rumors have Joseph linked to the Philadelphia Flyers, but another team may be a better fit: the San Jose Sharks.

Will the Ottawa Senators trade Mathieu Joseph to the San Jose Sharks?

TSN NHL Analyst Dave Poulin confirmed on Ottawa 1200 radio that the Philadelphia Flyers are interested in Joseph, but the team is seeking a top-tier prospect in exchange.

Poulin suggested that the Senators could trade with the San Jose Sharks and that Joseph would fit well in the Sharks’ top-six lineup.

NHL trade rumors have the Sharks asking for Lassi Thomson and Joseph for a trade to be completed with the Sens.

What are NHL fans saying about the Ottawa Senators and San Jose Sharks making a trade?

Send Tyler Boucher to the Sharks or Flyers with Joseph. Issue solved and we have the cap space to sign Pinto.

If no team wants Joseph, it might be time for the Senators to look at trading Artem Zub.

Make the Joseph and Thomson trade ASAP. We need Pinto in the lineup and ready for the start of the NHL season.

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  1. Pardon my hockey ignorance, but if the Sharks…or anybody for that matter…want another player included so they will take Joseph, wouldn’t it be cheaper to put him on wavers and either have somebody pick him up, or then be able to send him to Binghamton?

    • No one’s likely going to take a 3 million dollar cap hit off waivers for a 20 point guy. And sending him to Belleville (we don’t have a farm team in Binghamton anymore) doesn’t save enough cap space to be worth it.


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