Jeff Petry
NHL Trade Rumors for June 18, 2022 feature the Dallas Stars and Detroit Red Wings interested in a trade for Jeff Petry.

It is no secret that the Montreal Canadiens will try and trade Jeff Petry this offseason. NHL trade rumors have been floating around since December about a Petry trade.

Pierre LeBrun was on TSN’s Insider Trading and reported, there’s no question a Petry trade is something Montreal is working on, it’s not guaranteed it’ll happen but there’s certainly some effort being done in that front.

LeBrun went on to say, the Dallas Stars are a team that has some interest in Jeff Petry.

“If the Stars can’t re-sign pending UFA John Klingberg and I can tell you right now there have not been any talks with Klingberg of late it looks like he’s heading to the UFA market…I’m told Detroit also a potential destination, 5 or 6 teams have talked to MTL”

Pierre LeBrun

Petry does own a 15 team no trade list and still has three more years left on his contract with a Habs salary cap hit of $6,250,000.

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