Picture of Patrick Kane shooting a puck. Will he sign with the Detroit Red Wings or Buffalo Sabres?
NHL Rumors intensify around free agent Patrick Kane's potential signing with Sabres or Detroit Red Wings, as both clubs eye a one-year deal.

With the 2023-24 NHL season in full swing, the NHL trade rumors buzz around free agent Patrick Kane’s next move continues to escalate.

Both the Detroit Red Wings and Buffalo Sabres have emerged as serious contenders for signing the seasoned winger. With ample salary cap room, they are well poised to offer Kane a lucrative one-year deal.

Will Patrick Kane sign with the Buffalo Sabres or Detroit Red Wings?

The Detroit Red Wings have been part of the conversation, particularly after Kane’s relatively uneventful stint with the New York Rangers last season​.

On the other hand, the Buffalo Sabres have been continually linked to Kane, stirring the pot of speculation further. The lure of returning to his hometown, Buffalo, where he was born and raised, cannot be overlooked.

NHL fans and insiders are keen to see the Kane saga unfold​. Moreover, recent reports suggest that the Sabres might have an inside track on signing Kane, adding fuel to the burning speculation​​.

Patrick Kane’s illustrious career is adorned with remarkable achievements that would be an asset to either club. Over his 16-season career, Kane has netted 451 goals and amassed 1,237 points. His trophy cabinet includes four All-Star selections, the 2015-16 Hart Trophy, and three Stanley Cups with the Chicago Blackhawks​​.

Will Patrick Kane opt for the promise of rekindling former glories with the Red Wings or will the allure of playing in his hometown with the Sabres be the defining factor? Only time will unravel this enthralling narrative.

What are NHL fans saying about Patrick Kane signing with the Red Wings or Sabres?

Forget the Red Wings or Sabres, Kane is signing with the Toronto Maple Leafs to play on the wing with Auston Matthews.

Kane will end up in Buffalo on a cheap one-year deal. The Sabres need to make the playoffs this season and Kane will help get them there.

Kane will only be signing with a Stanley Cup contending team. I see the Toronto, Vegas and Colorado as the frontrunners.

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    • Wanna bet, Kane isn’t signing in the west, So Colorado is out and he’s not signing with that dump in Toronto or anywhere in Canada.


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