Picture of Vancouver Canucks forward Elias Pettersson. What will his next contract look like?
Elias Pettersson eyes a $12M long-term deal. His exceptional talent could bring both fortune and glory to the Canucks.

Elias Pettersson, the Swedish sensation, has been creating ripples in the NHL with his elite playmaking ability. As a young gun of the Vancouver Canucks, his potential seems limitless, especially if he clocks another 100-point season under his belt. The buzz around the league is that such a performance could very well propel his market value, earning him a staggering $12 million on a long-term deal.

This isn’t just a whimsical assumption; it’s grounded in the economics of the game. The NHL has a history of rewarding excellence with hefty contracts. A player of Pettersson’s calibre, young, dynamic and incredibly skilled, is exactly the type of asset teams crave. His previous performances have already set him apart as a cornerstone player for the Canucks, and another stellar season could only cement this status further.

Will the Vancouver Canucks offer up a $12 million a year salary to Pettersson?

While the sum may seem exorbitant to some, in the realm of the NHL, securing a game-changing talent like Pettersson is often seen as a wise investment. The potential return on investment, both in terms of on-ice success and off-ice revenue generation, makes such a deal highly lucrative for the Canucks.

The Canucks have over $31 million available in salary cap space next year and hope to get the dynamic forward signed at some point this season.

As the anticipation builds up, both Canuck fans and the franchise will be keenly watching Pettersson’s performance in the upcoming season. Over his 6-season career, Pettersson has netted 336 points (138g, 198a) in 333 games played.

What are Canucks fans saying about the Elias Pettersson contract?

No reason for him to sign today. Another great season will guarantee him a $12 million AVV.

Pettersson will not get $12 mil. He will be offered around $10.5 million.

He’s gambling on himself this season. Hope he avoids injury. Another 100 point season will get him the $12 million salary he wants.


  1. Will this be another Cam Neely blunder?
    Hopefully not the core Vancouver Canucks have now has potential just a few more tweaks to add size and grit players on short term then reload again and again ?


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