Rickard Rakell in Pittsburgh Penguins jersey contemplating future, potential Philadelphia Flyers trade in background.
Explore the latest on Penguins' Rakell trade rumors: potential moves to the Flyers as Pittsburgh seeks roster upgrades.

Pittsburgh Penguins forward Rickard Rakell is increasingly becoming the focal point of NHL trade rumors. Carrying a significant $5 million salary cap hit, Rakell’s slow start this season has not gone unnoticed.

Despite his undeniable skill and potential, the Penguins are contemplating a shift in their roster, eyeing an upgrade on their blue line and seeking a player more suited to playing in front of the net with a more aggressive style of play​​.

Rakell’s performance, characterized by three assists in thirteen games and no goals, has been underwhelming, especially given his golden opportunity to shine alongside Sidney Crosby. With a contract extending through the 2027-28 season and a trade clause protecting him from only eight teams, Rakell’s situation with the Penguins is increasingly tenuous​​.

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What teams are interested in a Rickard Rakell trade?

Speculation is rife about potential destinations for Rakell. Teams like the Philadelphia Flyers are emerging as interested parties.

The Flyers are looking to restructure their forward lineup and could see Rakell as a valuable addition at a comparatively lower cost​​ if the Pens are willing to eat a portion of Rakell’s contract.

As the season progresses, it is clear that Rickard Rakell remains a player to watch. Whether he will stay with the Penguins or find a new home remains a compelling narrative in the NHL’s trade rumor market.

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