Picture of a Connor McDavid Toronto Maple Leafs jersey beside the Stanley Cup.
Speculation heats up about Connor McDavid joining the Maple Leafs in 2026-27, creating an NHL powerhouse with Auston Matthews.

A free agent signing that could reshape the NHL landscape, NHL rumors are swirling about Connor McDavid potentially joining the Toronto Maple Leafs in 2026-27.

This seismic shift in the league’s power dynamics comes as the Leafs face a pivotal moment: unable to re-sign William Nylander next summer due to salary cap constraints. However, the anticipated freeing up of salary cap space with John Tavares’ contract ending in 2025-26 opens a tantalizing possibility for Toronto.

The Leafs, known for their aggressive pursuit of top talent, could leverage this opportunity to offer McDavid a lucrative contract. The addition of McDavid, a generational talent, to a roster already boasting the likes of Auston Matthews would be nothing short of monumental.

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Analyzing Toronto Maple Leafs’ Potential Acquisition of Connor McDavid in 2026

Matthews and McDavid as the Leafs’ #1 and #2 centers would form an unparalleled one-two punch at the heart of their lineup, making Toronto the team to beat in the NHL.

The prospect of McDavid donning a Maple Leafs jersey is not just a potential game-changer for the team but for the entire league. His elite skill set, combined with Auston Matthews‘ sniping ability, could usher in a new era of dominance for the Leafs, reminiscent of the dynastic teams of the past. The combination of speed, skill, and scoring ability between these two centers would pose a nightmare for opposing teams.

While this remains speculative, the mere possibility is enough to send shockwaves through the hockey world. The Leafs, already a formidable force, could ascend to new heights with McDavid in their ranks. As the 2026-27 season approaches, all eyes will be on Toronto to see if this speculated mega-deal comes to fruition.

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  1. What they’re saying is the Leafs can’t win with the stars they’ve got? A few years ago Tavares was supposed to be the answer.

  2. tavares nylander reilly is the half team /money/get rid of them and couple other minor players and get mcdavid for once if they ever thinking of getting a cup.

  3. So wat they need is to get some defence and once tavarres contract is up spread the money around getting some third and forth line improvement instead of one 12 mil player they need depth Third and forth lines need to up their game dramticly Some stay at home big defence maybe two guys like Tanev and Zadorov And the cups will come Thats a fact jack

  4. This scenario could happen. Tavares $11 million will be off the books, Nylander quite possibly will not be with the Leafs. Have a core three of Matthews, McDavid and Marner. The triple M line!

  5. Ahahahahhahahahahahahahhaha… that’s the funniest trade “rumour” I have ever heard. That woyld NEVER happen. If they can afford Nylander, no way they can. Afford McDavid without getting rid of half the team.

  6. I can totally see this happening in a few years. Tavares’ salary will be off the books and Marner or Nylander will no longer be on the team.


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