Picture of Patrick Kane. Which team will he sign with?
The latest Patrick Kane rumors have him coming back in December with the Maple Leafs, Stars, Avalanche and Bruins as possible destinations.

There were a few NHL trade rumors this offseason linked to Patrick Kane on who he would sign with.

It appears that the rumors have not resulted in anything concrete. It seems that he will wait until his hip is fully healed before deciding which team to sign with.

Which teams are interested in signing Patrick Kane?

Elliotte Friedman was on the NHL Network earlier this season and stated that Patrick Kane will likely wait until he is fully healthy before signing with a team.

NHL trade rumors have the Toronto Maple Leafs, Boston Bruins, Colorado Avalanche, and Dallas Stars interested in the all-star winger.

Let’s just hope Kane does come back to NHL action. It is a tough injury to have and recover from.

What are NHL fans saying about Patrick Kane coming back to NHL action?

Let’s hope he come back. Look at Brent Seabrook. Had to same procedure and was not able to come back.

He will be a Toronto Maple Leaf in December. Book it!

He is coming back home to Buffalo. That has to be on top of his list.


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