Picture of Ottawa Senators defenseman Erik Brannstrom shooting a puck.
The latest Ottawa Senators rumors feature the team looking into trading either Mathieu Joseph or Erik Brannstrom to free up salary cap space.

The Ottawa Senators are facing a complex challenge as they navigate the NHL trade market in pursuit of necessary cap space to sign one of their promising young talents, Shane Pinto.

After leaving the Senators without a signed contract, Pinto returned home to train until an agreement could be reached.

NHL Analyst Darren Dreger was on TSN’s Insider Trading segment and stated the need to create salary cap room for signing Pinto is putting two valuable assets, Mathieu Joseph and Erik Brannstrom, on the trade block.

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Why teams would be interested in a Mathieu Joseph trade?

Mathieu Joseph’s speed and hockey IQ have made him a valuable asset for the Senators. Still, the team is now weighing the possibility of parting ways with the forward to address salary cap issues.

Joseph, 26, has a salary cap hit of $2.95 million a year for the next three seasons. He is coming off a campaign where he put up 18 points (3g, 15a) in 56 games.

Why teams would be interested in a Erik Brannstrom trade

Erik Brannstrom’s ability to move the puck and contribute offensively and defensively makes him an attractive asset to potential trade partners. Branstrom’s salary cap hit of $2 million may not be enough cap space to get the resources required to sign Pinto.

Brannstrom, 24, has a salary cap hit of $2 million for this season and will be a pending RFA in the summer. He is coming off a campaign where he put up 18 points (2g, 16a) in 74 games.

Can the Ottawa Senators make a trade?

Mathieu Joseph is the most likely player to be traded, as he has a higher salary cap than Brannstrom. The Senators face a challenge as only a few teams have the cap space to take on their contract. Additionally, it’s unclear which of the two, Joseph or Brannstrom, these teams would prefer to take on.

The sacrifice of potentially trading one of these two players underscores the importance of signing Shane Pinto, who is regarded as a crucial piece of the Senators’ future.

What are Senators fans saying about trading Joseph and Brannstrom?

Looks like Pinto and the Sens are no where close to getting a deal done. Pinto wants the cash and Dorion is saying no!

Just trade Pinto and move on. Nothing more to be said.

At least Pinto is not eligible for an offer sheet. That would really pooch the Sens.

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