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NHL trade rumors for July 21, 2022 feature Patrick Kane. The oddsmakers have the Oilers as the likely destination.

Patrick Kane will be traded, but no one knows when? The most likely scenario is at the 2023 NHL trade deadline where his $10.5 million Blackhawks salary cap hit will be greatly reduced by then.

NHL trade rumors are already making the rounds on where Kane will be traded from the Buffalo Sabres, New Jersey Devils, New York Rangers, Tampa Bay Lightning and Toronto Maple Leafs.

NHL Betting odds have also made an appearance on where oddsmakers feel where Kane will land.

Oilers +300 (3/1)
Avalanche +350 (7/2)
Rangers +400 (4/1)
Kings +500 (5/1)
Lightning +550 (11/2)
Leafs +600 (6/1)
Sabres +750 (15/2)

The Edmonton Oilers seem to be the favorite by oddsmakers as the likely destination, but the Colorado Avalanche seem more realistic for a Kane trade later in the year.

Darren Dreger recently posted about the Patrick Kane rumors and stated Blackhawks management remain undecided on a Kane trade.

Checked in on all of the Patrick Kane trade speculation. As far as Kane’s camp is concerned they remain undecided, so everything at this point is speculative.

Darren Dreger

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