Anaheim Ducks NHL Trade Rumors September 29, 2018
Will the Anaheim Ducks decide to rebuild as their core players Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry age.

Is it time for the Anaheim Ducks to rebuild?

NBC Sports: With Corey Perry out 5 months, Ryan Kesler is not the player he used to be and Ryan Getzlaf entering the later stages of his career. Is it time for the Anaheim Ducks to rebuild their team and go through some lean years?

Anaheim Ducks GM Bob Murray may feel that much more inspired to “pivot” in 2018-19, possibly trying to shed some money and go toward more of a youth movement overall.

Anaheim is something of a “budget” team. If, like last season, they’re fighting to survive amid injuries, would it be wiser to shed some salary?

Let’s not forget that the massive gains made by other Pacific Division teams. The Sharks landed Erik Karlsson after already seemingly pulling away a bit from Anaheim last season. The Vegas Knights enjoyed a nice summer by bringing in Max Pacioretty and Paul Stastny. The Kings even got Ilya Kovalchuk. Maybe the Ducks should put their sights more on, say, 2019-20?

The Toronto Maple Leafs will not trade William Nylander

The Score: When will the Toronto Maple Leafs sign William Nylander? The season starts on Wednesday and there really has been no progress in talks.

Nylander wants a long-term deal and wants $8 million a year knowing Mitch Marner will likely get around $9-10 million/year and Matthews will get $11-12 million/year. Nylander does not want to settle for a $6 million/year deal. 

Even though Nylander wants a long-term deal, his best bet is to bet on himself, do a bridge deal and get a big contract is 2-years time. 

Kyle Dubas is making it clear that he doesn’t intend to deal William Nylander. “I’ve been asked: ‘Do you want to trade him right now?’ And the answer is, ‘No,’” Dubas said. “Circumstances can change. But it’s not in any plan or any discussion we’ve had that we’re going to trade any of these players.”


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