William Nylander Jake Gardiner NHL Trade Rumors September 27, 2018
What will the Toronto Maple Leafs do with William Nylander and Jake Gardiner?

Latest Toronto Maple Leafs trade rumors

William Nylander

TSN: Bob McKenzie reports The cone of silence is down obviously from the agent Lewis Gross, who represents William Nylander as well as Kyle Dubas of the Toronto Maple Leafs’ management team. But we do have strong reason to believe there has been dialogue over the course of this week and they continue to work at it. And one of the issues here is trying to determine Nylander’s value on a long-term deal. Nylander and the Leafs would likely prefer a six or a seven-year contract. McKenzie feels a bridge deal might be the best option for Nylander.

Pierre LeBrun reports the Toronto Maple Leafs have been contacted on the availability of Nylander. 

LeBrun has said, “Yeah, that’s begun to happen as you might suspect. Hey, why not, if you’re another team watching this drag out. I’m told a couple of teams have phoned over the past seven days and I’m told they got a uniform answer from Kyle Dubas, which is no thanks, we’re not trading him, we’re going to sign this guy.”

Jake Gardiner

Jake Gardiner’s pending free agency next summer has gone under the radar. What might he be looking for, and can the Leafs afford it?

Darren Dreger reports Gardiner who is a pending unrestricted free agent next July 1. And when you look at the bigger picture in terms of the cap issues that the Leafs are going to face, just add one more body into that mix. Jake Gardiner is coming off a career year of 52 points. If he were to equal that or better that this season, he’s going to command as an unrestricted free agent in the high sixes, or the low sevens (in terms of million).



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