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Pittsburgh wants a king's ransom for Jake Guentzel. Is he worth it? We break down potential trade scenarios.

With the NHL’s March 8th trade deadline looming, the hottest name on the rumor mill is Pittsburgh Penguins star winger Jake Guentzel.

The prolific scorer is set to hit unrestricted free agency, and with the Penguins languishing outside the playoff picture, a trade seems inevitable. But Pittsburgh isn’t going to let him go cheap.

Guentzel’s Trade Value: Worth the Price?

TSN’s insider reports reveal that Penguins GM Kyle Dubas is demanding a massive return in any Guentzel deal. The ask reportedly centers around a package including multiple first-round draft picks or a first-round pick along with a mix of top roster players and blue-chip prospects. This astronomical price tag is already raising eyebrows, with one anonymous rival GM deeming it “ridiculous.”

Despite the sticker shock, there’s bound to be interest in the dynamic scorer. The Edmonton Oilers, looking for offensive punch alongside Connor McDavid, and the rebuilding Detroit Red Wings have both reportedly inquired about Guentzel’s availability.

What Will it Take to Land Guentzel?

It remains to be seen if any team is willing to meet Pittsburgh’s lofty demands. Guentzel’s combination of scoring touch and playoff experience makes him undeniably valuable, yet his age and pending free-agent status create risk. The Penguins are betting on a bidding war – will it materialize, or will Guentzel end up staying in Pittsburgh?

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