Ben Bishop

What will Steven Stamkos do?

Now that the Tampa Bay Lighting have been eliminated from the playoffs, all focus will be on Steven Stamkos and what he will do this off-season? The Tampa Bay Lightning cannot afford to pay him $10 million/year as the team has other free agents to sign this season and next season. The Lightning may be willing to do $9 million/year. Darren Dreger reported last month that he feels there is a 50% chance he signs with the Toronto Maple Leafs. The Detroit Red Wings, Montreal Canadiens and Buffalo Sabres also have interest in Stamkos.

Will Jonathan Drouin still demand a trade?

TSN Radio 1050: Darren Dreger was on the radio this morning and was asked about Jonathan Drouin and will he still demand a trade this off-season? Dreger’s answer was, he has no idea? Damage was done during the season when GM Steve Yzerman could not find a trade that worked for his club. Drouin ultimately left the Lightning and their AHL affliate. Once Steven Stamkos was injured, Drouin was called up and put forth big numbers in the playoffs. Yzerman would like Drouin to stay, but if Drouin still demands a trade, his value has just gone up and the asking price is likely a top prospect and a first round draft pick.

Will the Lightning trade Ben Bishop? Andrei Vasilevskiy’s solid performance in relief of the sidelined Ben Bishop in the 2016 Eastern Conference Final and the possibility of an NHL expansion draft next summer could make it possible for GM Steve Yzerman to move Bishop this summer. Teams in need of a quality starter (Calgary Flames, Dallas Stars, Carolina Hurricanes and Toronto Maple Leafs) should inquire about Bishop’s availability this summer.




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