Max Pacioretty NHL Trade Rumors August 29, 2018
When will the Montreal Canadiens trade Max Pacioretty?

Latest Max Pacioretty trade rumors

The Fan 590: Nick Kypreos was on the radio and was asked about Max Pacioretty. He believes the Montreal Canadiens will trade him at some point this season. The best scenario for the Habs is Pacioretty to get off to a hot start, play well so the team can maximize its return. Kypreos stated the reason he was not dealt to the LA Kings was he declined to sign a six-year, $36-million contract extension. During that period, Pacioretty replaced Pat Brisson as his agent with Allan Walsh. It is believed that Pacioretty is looking for a contract worth $8 million/year.  

What will the Dallas Stars do with Tyler Seguin?

TSN: Tyler Seguin is poised to enter the season without a contract extension in hand, saying that negotiations with the Dallas Stars are at a standstill.

“Nothing’s really going on. You know, pretty much haven’t been talking much this summer. It’s been a little disappointing,” Seguin said. “I thought I’d have some exciting news to talk about at BioSteel Camp, especially this late in the summer. It’s been disappointing. 

Seguin, 26, scored a career-high 40 goals last season and added 38 assists to post his highest point total since the 2013-14 season, his first in Dallas. He’s currently slated to carry a $5.75 million cap hit in the final season of the six-year contract he signed with the Boston Bruins in 2012. 



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