Picture of Timo Meier. Will he re-sign in New Jersey?
Will Timo Meier re-sign in New Jersey or will the Devils look to trade him after the NHL season is over?

New Jersey fans are getting worried that forward Timo Meier may decide not to re-sign with the Devils in the summer and demand a trade.

When the Devils made the trade for Meier prior to the NHL trade deadline, most NHL analysts figured he would sign in New Jersey long-term, but that scenario has not happened.

Will Timo Meier demand a trade?

Pierre LeBrun was on TSN’s Insider Trading segment and reports the New Jersey Devils and Timo Meier will not discuss contract talks until after the NHL season is over. This has fans and management worried that he might ask for a trade.

LeBrun went on to say in his TV hit that the Devils hope he will have adjusted to his time in New Jersey and he will sign a long-term deal.

Reports are he is seeking a contract in the $9M/year range.

Note: Meier will still be an RFA at the end of the season. The Devils will have to qualify him at $10M to retain his rights for one-year.

What are Devils fans saying about Timo Meier hitting free agency?

Please don’t qualify him! I would rather see the Devils trade him than qualify him to that ridiculous one-year offer.

I mean why not let him play out this season /playoffs get a feel of the team and its potential of contending for years to come and adjust to east coast , if it doesn’t fit for both sides he is still a valuable trade asset

He would have been better off in Carolina, and the Sharks better taking what was offered by the Hurricanes.

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