Will the Nashville Predators trade Roman Josi?

The Ottawa Senators looking to trade for a forward

TSN: Darren Dreger reports the Ottawa Senators need help. They only have one win in the first eight games of the regular season. They knew there were going to be some difficulties, that there were going to be growing pains. They need help, essentially, in all areas with the exception of maybe goaltending, where they have experience there.

Dreger states Senators GM Pierre Dorian is looking for Vladdy Namestnikov 2.0. He got Namestnikov at a very affordable…even a bargain type of price. They’ve like to add a very competitive element up front like that. (They) very recently had to split up Brady Tkachuk and Colin White. They know they have to be incredibly patient with their youth. They’re going to do that, but they’d like to be a bit more competitive.

What will the Nashville Predators do with Roman Josi?

TSN: Pierre LeBrun reports that the Nashville Predators and Roman Josi have kind of hit a snag, frankly, at the end of the summer and before (training camp).

LeBrun states they’ve been talking the entire offseason. Both sides, I think if you were to ask them, thought he’d be signed by camp and it hasn’t happened. But there was a meeting last week in Los Angeles when the Predators were there between GM David Poile and the agent Judd Moldaver.

This is such a paramount negotiation for the Predators franchise. I mean, this guy cannot go to market if you’re David Poile. But the reality is, I think his camp would like to see this guy be the third-highest paid defenceman in the National Hockey League. He’d be behind Erik Karlsson and Drew Doughty. Now, clearly, the Predators aren’t there. 


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