Patrik Laine Kyle Connor rumors

Will Brayden Point’s contract help speed up RFA signings?

TSN: Bob McKenzie reports he does not see Mikko RantanenMatthew TkachukPatrik Laine and Kyle Connor signing anytime soon as McKenzie feels Point’s contract is a little too much of a club-friendly deal that he signed with Tampa.

McKenzie feels that Rantanen, Laine or Tkachuk are NOT close at all. But there’s this perception around the NHL that maybe Kyle Connor and the Winnipeg Jets are closing in on a new contract and the agent for Connor is saying that’s not true. They’re not close either. So Connor would like to do what’s known as the modern-day long-term deal – five or six years – but probably will also be open to a four-year contract .

Latest Winnipeg Jets rumors

TSN: Pierre LeBrun reports the sense is when Patrik Laine, in his case, does sign with Winnipeg – if and when – that it’ll be a bridge deal. But in the meantime, we’re told that teams over the past week have checked in with Patrik Laine’s camp led by Mike Liut. And now, are they checking in because of a potential offer sheet or are they checking in because maybe they want to call Winnipeg and try and trade for Patrik Laine. 

With Dustin Byfuglien currently suspended and that may not change for a while. Termination of contract could be considered by the Winnipeg Jets but it’s very tricky and the belief is the National Hockey League would have to be involved to navigate through that. The Jets are talking to teams about potential trades, but with the Byfuglien situation still out there, it’s hard to do anything.


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