Pittsburgh Penguins looking to trade a defenceman

TSN: Darren Dreger reports the Pittsburgh Penguins will trade a defenceman. There’s been much speculation out there about Jack Johnson. That’s a tough contract to move, but Jimmy Rutherford will move one of his blueliners.

Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Jack Johnson was scratched recently and it appears that it’s something that could be a trend.

The Penguins are over the salary cap by just over $300,000 and carrying a $3,25 million 7th defenseman isn’t ideal.

To trade Johnson the Penguins would likely have to retain some of his salary. It may be a move GM Jim Rutherford would prefer to make as opposed to moving someone like backup goalie Casey DeSmith.

Kyle Connor and Winnipeg Jets not close to a deal?

TSN: Bob McKenzie reports Kyle Connor and his camp continues discussions with the Winnipeg Jets. McKenzie believes they are probably looking at a six-year term. That’s suitable for both sides, but they’ve obviously not been able to agree on the money just yet.

As of right now, not close is the word with negotiations between Kyle Connor and the Winnipeg Jets. Connor, as we mentioned the other day, might consider a four-year deal, much like Timmo Meier’s deal with the San Jose Sharks. But there doesn’t seem to be a strong appetite from Winnipeg’s side to go at the four-year deal. So, we’ll see if they can consummate that six-year marriage.


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