Milan Lucic
NHL trade rumors for August 28, 2022 feature Milan Lucic. Will the Boston Bruins find the cap space to make the trade?

When the Calgary Flames were knocked out of the playoffs by the rival Edmonton Oilers, GM Brad Treliving had let some GM’s know that Milan Lucic would be available for a trade in the offseason.

The problem the Flames are having on trading Lucic this summer is his contract. He has one more year left with a hefty $6 million Flames salary cap hit.

The Lucic NHL trade rumors to Boston rumblings really started to ramp up a month ago when Milan Lucic posted a video on twitter of Lucic, hanging and dancing with David Pastnrak and Brad Marchand at Tuukka Rask’s wedding.

A few weeks back Lucic’s name was trending on social media and when that happens, something is usually up in the trade rumor mill.

The Bruins are over the salary cap by $2 million, so unless they find a way to shed salary and Calgary eats half of Lucic’s cap hit, there will be no Lucic trade to Boston.

How can the Boston Bruins free up salary cap space?

The only way the Bruins can bring Lucic back is if GM Don Sweeney finds a way to move out a few players to get the salary cap space needed to bring in Lucic’s contract along with the Flames retaining 50% of his cap hit.

The two players Sweeney would likely move out are Nick Foligno and Craig Smith.

Foligno has a Bruins salary cap hit of $3. 8 million but owns a 16 team no-trade list which could make a Foligno trade difficult.

Smith does not own a no-trade clause which would make moving him out easier but not his $3.1 million cap hit.

Overall, if I was a NHL betting person, I would say Lucic remains a Flame for the season unless they are not in playoff contention come NHL trade deadline, then a Lucic trade would likely happen to Boston or another playoff contender that needs a player with size and grit. (I am looking at you Toronto Maple Leafs)


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