Top 10 NHL Records that will not be Broken
View the list of the top ten NHL records that will not be broken, which includes the most goals and points by Wayne Gretzky.

Top Ten NHL records that may never be broken.

These NHL records are in no particular order.

Feel free to leave comments below on what NHL records you feel might never be broken.

  1. Most points: Wayne Gretzky, 2857
  2. Longest consecutive point-scoring streak: Wayne Gretzky, 51 games
  3. Most goals by a rookie: Teemu Selanne, 76
  4. Fastest three goals: Bill Mosienko, 21 seconds
  5. Best plus-minus total for a career: Larry Robinson, plus-730
  6. Most goals by a defenseman in one game: Ian Turnbull, 5
  7. Most penalty minutes, one season: Dave Schultz, 472
  8. Most Stanley Cups: 11 by Henri Richard, Montreal Canadiens
  9. Most goals, one season: Wayne Gretzky 92 (1981-1982)
  10. Most assists, one season: Wayne Gretzky, 163 (1985–86)


  1. I also believe Darryl Sittler’s record of 10 points in one game will never be broken. An important one you missed.


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