Elias Lindholm in NY Rangers gear speculated as a major trade target for New York Rangers
Discover the latest on NY Rangers’ potential trade for Elias Lindholm. Get insights on the deal, salary cap impact, and Rangers’ playoff strategy.

The New York Rangers are reportedly setting their sights on a significant acquisition: Calgary Flames’ center Elias Lindholm.

Larry Brooks of the New York Post has indicated that Lindholm has been a target for the Rangers even before the injury to Filip Chytil, who is sidelined for the season with a suspected concussion.

Lindholm, 29, is highly regarded for his two-way prowess on the ice. With his contract set to expire on July 1, making him an unrestricted free agent, the stakes are high.

Elias Lindholm: The Key Piece for New York Rangers’ Playoff Ambitions

While not fitting the mold of a typical bruising checking-line forward the Rangers need, Brooks highlights that Lindholm’s skill at five-on-five play would be a valuable asset for the Rangers, particularly in the playoffs.

The Flames have the option to attempt re-signing Lindholm, but as the deadline approaches, he could become, in Brooks’ words, the “prize deadline rental property.” Acquiring such a player won’t come cheap; the Flames are likely to demand a first-round pick, a credible prospect, and potentially a young, NHL-ready player.

For the Rangers, securing Lindholm could mean parting with assets like Kaapo Kakko and a 2024 first-round pick. This trade, while bolstering their center depth, raises concerns regarding the salary cap. Bringing Lindholm on board would strain the Rangers’ cap space, leaving limited flexibility to address other areas of need.

The Rangers’ interest in Lindholm underscores their commitment to a deep playoff run. However, the complexity of such a trade lies not just in the assets exchanged, but also in the strategic planning of the team’s finances and future roster composition.

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